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Brooke Shields on hardest part of parenting teen daughters

Parenting can be hard, even if you’re a celebrity!

In this story, Brooke Shields shares a surprising aspect of being a mother that she didn’t expect.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what teenagers want or need from you.

Let me know in the comments below what surprised you about being a parent.

Shields told TODAY Parents there is one aspect of being their mother she didn’t expect: “I am surprised by how much their approval in everything matters to me,” she said.

“I don’t remember my mom needing my approval as much as I needed my mom’s approval — she was just a god to me,” Shields said. “So I watch my girls, and I have to really be careful that I am not so needy of them, because they’re going to say ‘I hate you,’ and they don’t really mean it, but they do at that moment.”

Though she admits her ego takes hits sometimes, “I have to remind myself I’m their mother, it’s OK, and tell myself ‘They love you, don’t get needy and clingy, because you’re going to push them away,'” she said.

Brooke is also known to be brutally honest because it’s not all fun and games with teenage daughters:

When Andy asked how old her daughters are, Brooke spoke for everyone and kept it so real when she said, “Eleven and assh*le.” HA. She had the crowd laughing, and followed up with, “My 14-year-old is 14! Her life’s hard!”

Teenage girls are a force to be reckoned with, but we promise it’s just a phase. Watch the clip below.

Watch the video below that explains Brooke’s own troubled childhood: