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5 Science-Backed Reasons To Hug Your Kids

There are many different reasons why you should hug your kids and now there’s even science to back this up.

In 2020 a research study was done that showed when babies are hugged by someone they know, their heart rates lowers more than when they are hugged by a stranger.

When you hug someone, oxytocin is released and it helps improve the child-parent bond.

Cuddling can also affect the child’s brain and shapes how receptive they are to affection as they move on in life.

It’s now even more important to hug your kids than ever.

Hug A Teen

We’ve all been living in a state of perpetual fear and anxiety during this pandemic. Therefore it’s a great reminder that a simple hug can make us feel at ease.

Even it cannot solve any of the larger issues that are happening in the world. 

Studies suggest that physical touch can soothe a person’s existential fears.

Our teens might not be as receptive to hugs as they used to be, so we cannot force this on them if they’re not keen.

Luckily, non-verbal communication with our teens can also go a long way in relieving anxiety.

We need to hold a space for them so that they know they can come and get a hug or a kind word whenever they need it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Physical connection is so important (and has been limited since the pandemic began) and has so many science-backed benefits for parents and children of all ages.
  • Hugs are a really crucial way for parents and their kiddos to bond, and parents’ hugs cause immediate and measurable physiological changes in their children.
  • Oxytocin, or the so-called love or cuddle hormone, is tightly wound to parenthood.

Never forget to use that old verbal substitute for physical affection that never goes out of style and that is almost as primal as a hug or kiss in its way,” said Texas-based psychologist Carl Pickhardt in an article for Psychology Today. “Those three little words that you can never tell your teenager too often: “I love you.”

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As a mom of two boys, I've been through the many ups and downs that parenting brings. However, I absolutely love reading and learning about better ways to communicate with my teens. I try to understand what they might be going through in their various stages of development. Communication, understanding, kindness, respect, and leading with love can help us maintain a positive bond with our children, from toddlers to teens and beyond.

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